Following our last 360VR piece for Paramount’s Paranormal Activity, we teamed up with NoSlate to create our Next Immersive Story about Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson for our client SAP Anywhere. Matt Celia, one of our VR directors, takes the viewer for a ride with Reggie in his 1955 Chevy Impala.


Featured in our VideoEdge piece, Matt stated, “The first time I walked into Reggie’s garage, and heard his story, I got goosebumps, and knew that virtual reality was the perfect medium to share his incredible story.” The experience begins with Reggie telling his story on a television in his garage. Reggie goes on to show his astonishing classic car collection and explain how a retired Baseball Hall of Famer becomes an obsessed and prolific car collector. Using Facebook 360’s spatial VR audio Workstation, we were able to fully immerse the viewer so they feel as if they’re inside the story.


Matt Celia Directing Reggie Jackson VR


After playing 21 seasons, winning 5 World Series and hitting over 500 Home-Runs, Jackson still managed to find time to start a car collection. Jackson decided to create “Reggie’s Garage” after realizing how difficult it was to find the right parts. He had a vision “to build a site where anybody could go and navigate easily to find parts.” Jackson further goes on to speak about how SAP Anywhere has made finding the right product easier for both him and his customers.


Matt Celia did a great job of highlighting this story as part of the experience. To find out more check out the other press coverage from the following websites: Creative Planet Network, Creative Cow, VR Focus, VR Board, Virtual Reality One Stop Shop, Broadcast Beat, 4rfv.


Or listen here to hear Matt Celia and Adam Cohen, our Head of VR Production, speak further about virtual reality, branded content and their experience in Reggie’s Garage.


Keep your eyes out for our next VR experience. We’re just getting started!